Swamp Circus and Circo Kernow’s winter production was a magical blend of circus acts, clown comedy, cabaret, music and dance bound together in a mythical tale under a heated big top.
As part of their training programme this years students performed ‘The Angel’ and has been branded a ‘triumph.’
The show took place down at Chyan Farm, Halvasso, an organic farm and eco park. Audience members were greeted by fire jugglers and invited down a winter trail through the woods before being guided into the heated big top by 10ft fawns on stilts.
The characters that were met in the woods became a part of the tale which was a story of good over evil and the rebirth of a new sun deep in the forest filled with mythical themes and seasonal reference.
A large part of the productions success was down to the musical prowess of the circus band lead by Jack Addy who blended gypsy folk, classical, African choral and harp solo’s.
The cast took time out at the interval to dish out delicious free mulled apple juice harvested in Chyan to the audience.
The Angel was a fantastic display of the circus school students hard work and achievements it was enjoyed families and art critics alike.
“It was brilliant and outstanding, thankyou” audience member
“Wonderful, the cast were brilliant and it was a great homely atmostphere.” audience member